Courtney Wood Jenson

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Director of Operations

Courtney Wood Jenson

As Director of Operations, Courtney is the primary liaison between our firm’s clients and the various partners that we work with. Her highly personalized approach to making each client feel special and valued is one of her many talents. 

Our clients know, when they call Courtney for a question or update, that they will always be responded to quickly, professionally, and with respect. She takes great pride in ensuring that each person’s needs are met every time information is requested

In her role as Director of Operations, Courtney takes it upon herself to keep current on the ever-changing landscape of the financial advisory industry, including technology advances as well as compliance and regulatory changes. 

A positive and encouraging family life provided Courtney with a solid foundation for success in both business and life. Courtney gained much of her knowledge by working her way through college at Wells Fargo Bank. Driven and determined, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies through California State University, Northridge in just four years. 

Another hidden talent of Courtney’s: she is ambidextrous! She uses both sides of her brain equally and feels this gives her an edge, both analytically and artistically.

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