Endowment-Style Investing

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Our Investment Strategy

We take a conservative and strategic approach to investing our clients’ assets, using time-tested, proven wealth management strategies. Our endowment-style investment process is based on successful industry best practices used for decades by large investors such as pensions, endowments and insurance companies. 

We believe in diversification through multiple asset classes, non-traded alternative investments and other risk mitigation strategies to help you protect what you’ve worked so hard to accumulate. 

This approach helps to optimize your portfolio’s performance over time while addressing important risk tolerance concerns. This approach helps generate consistent long-term returns and helps mitigate volatility. 

No Crystal Ball Needed

This concept for investing is simple: Buy when prices are low, sell when prices are high, and reinvest when prices are low.

This sounds great in theory, but the timing is next to impossible to execute on a consistent basis. Far too many investors sell after the markets have declined and buy after the markets have risen. 

However, there is an alternative that we base on the investment horizons of our clients. It is derived from comprehensive research

We develop diversified portfolios with downside risk management designed to help your assets withstand market fluctuations produced by both bull and bear stock markets. 

We conduct extensive research, meeting with various financial institutions across the country. In other words, we actively gather information on the investments used in our clients’ portfolios.

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