Who We Serve

We are honored to serve individuals and their families

You are selective about the professionals you hire, and we are selective about the clients that we work with. Before we agree to provide financial advice and services, we want to meet with you at least twice to ensure our services will meet your expectations and that this will be a good fit. It’s important to us that we develop compatible relationships, based on mutual respect and values, with our clients.

Our typical clients range in age from 45-70+ and have/had successful careers and businesses. They have accumulated a substantial amount of investable assets ($2 million or more) and would consider themselves to be the “Millionaire Next Door”.


We specialize in helping women going through major financial transitions due to divorce, loss of a spouse, inheritance and transitioning to retirement. By providing objective guidance during these transitional periods of time, we empower you to plan better—and hopefully, to thrive—in your new monetary reality.
However, you never need dramatic life circumstances to work with us. Some of the challenges we can help you navigate include creating a new financial plan, updating your estate planning documents, the conservative investment of your assets, and more.


We specialize in working with professionals in the scientific community. We take an analytical approach to building a wealth management plan that addresses key concerns you may have such as:

- Am I accumulating enough assets for my retirement years?
- Will I run out of money late in life when I need it the most?
- How can I protect what I’ve worked so hard to accumulate?
- Am I protected from financial risks that could damage my financial future?

You have questions and we have answers—and these are just some of the ways our team can help you achieve a more secure future.

Business Owners

Are you looking for professional help in managing your own investments so you can grow your personal wealth while operating your business? Do you need guidance on how to plan the sale of your company so you can begin the next chapter in your life? And will that sale provide for you and your family for the remainder of your lives?

These are some of the ways our team can assist you.


We help successful executives and professionals manage their financial futures. Additionally, we can provide advice for concentrations of wealth and diversification strategies that will reduce your risk and potentially minimize taxes.

We understand that you are focused on your business or profession. Our role is to provide the expertise you need to achieve your financial goals so you can live an amazing life of significance. We start with a personalized comprehensive financial plan that is your roadmap for a secure financial future.

These are some of the ways our team can assist you.

Pre-Retirees & Retirees

If you are preparing to transition into retirement or have already done so, there are many factors to consider. There are certain financial decisions that you'll need to make in order to pursue financial independence and security the rest of your life. Make the wrong decisions and you may be faced with some very difficult financial consequences.

The Silberman Wealth team focuses on providing you with the wealth management services to make this transition as comfortable and secure as possible.

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