Christl Karlsson

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Client Services Manager

Christl Karlsson

Christl Karlsson is our Client Services Manager at Silberman Wealth Strategies, Inc. Her focus is on ensuring that each client receives undivided attention for any assistance they may need. Similarly, she makes sure that everyone knows how important and valued they are to us.  

Working with Mitch for over a decade has given her the ability to understand all aspects of their investments. This helps her streamline support for any maintenance needs.

When she’s away from work, Christl and her husband Ron enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, bicycle riding, and touring the countryside with their travel trailer. They are also very handy, currently keeping busy renovating and updating their home.

Another passion for Christl is volunteering. In the past, she co-created a fundraising event called the LoVEFest, for a non-profit called Lily of the Valley Endeavor, which supports AIDs orphanages in South Africa. She was also the membership secretary for the Historical Diving Society-USA for many years and is currently a founding benefactor.

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