An emerging trend in elite wealth management services attracting much attention is endowment-style investing. Many successful families and individuals are adopting this investment strategy. 

While endowment-style investing was primarily used for large institutions and endowments, it’s become much more accessible for discerning individuals and families.  


As a Nashville-based wealth management firm, we have provided financial services to successful individuals and families for over 30 years. 


In this blog, we’ll share various features and benefits you can expect using endowment-style investing.


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An Overview of Endowment-Style Investing


At its core, endowment-style investing is about diversification but different from the kind you might be thinking of with a typical stock and bond portfolio. Instead, it broadens the scope to include risk mitigation strategies as well as alternative investments like private equity, private debt, and real estate. This type of diversified portfolio aims to provide both capital appreciation and income while limiting your downside risk when markets are volatile.


How is performance and risk management possible from the same portfolio? It is sophisticated diversification at a high level. Not all asset classes are going in the same direction at the same time: It’s beneficial for some of your portfolio to zig while others zag. 


To be more specific, think of endowment-style asset allocation as a way to counter-balance market volatility. Using alternative investments, the goal is to have a percentage of your assets that aren’t directly correlated to the stock market, inflation, or interest rates. For instance, alternative investments may perform better during market volatility than certain stocks. 


Why Are High Net-Worth Individuals Embracing Endowment-Style Investing?


As noted over the past few years, more high-net-worth individuals and top earners utilize endowment-style investing. We expect this trend to continue as the global securities markets become increasingly volatile.


What else is driving this change? There is an increasing need for stability in an increasingly volatile world. Consider this:


  • The U.S. has a $32 trillion national debt that continues to rise with little or no possibility of slowing down; 
  • Continued rising inflation;
  • The possibility of a recession in the next six months to a year;
  • Rising longevity with more people are living past 100;
  • An increasingly volatile global economy.

In a time of unprecedented economic, social and political uncertainty and market volatility, the diversified nature of endowment investing makes for a more balanced investing approach.


By spreading your investments across a wide range of asset classes and strategies, you are better positioned to wait out considerable valuation swings in the market to protect and nurture your wealth. 


But it’s not just about hedging against risks. Endowment-style investing in Nashville should align with your long-term goals, including wealth preservation, accumulation, and legacy planning. The endowment approach, emphasizing sustainability and growth over extended periods, aligns perfectly with this mindset. 


Harnessing the Power of Diversification


Think of diversification as a financial safety net for your assets, the last true ‘free lunch’ in investing. By spreading your investments across various domestic and international asset classes, endowment-style investing aims to help shield you from any single market event that could damage a significant percentage of your investments. 


Diversifying means more than just geographical or sector diversification in stocks. It’s about having a bit of everything – because you do not have a crystal ball to predict the future performance of specific investments or particular categories.


While diversifying investments is a proven and effective method of investing, it’s also important to diversify your tax strategies as well.  


Alternative Investments: The Crown Jewel of Endowment-Style Investing


Alternative investments are often the distinguishing feature of endowment-style portfolios. They offer a chance to tap into markets and opportunities that aren’t always accessible through traditional investment practices (stocks, bonds, cash equivalents). Moreover, they often respond to different market dynamics, providing that sought-after lack of correlation with the broader stock market.


The question now becomes, “How to invest like an endowment?”


It starts with understanding which alternative investments would be appropriate to help you achieve all that is most important to you and your family. This is where elite wealth management services come into play.  


You need an experienced and tested financial professional with the knowledge and foresight to create a comprehensive financial plan and investment strategy based on your needs and goals. Ideally, he or she will serve as your financial advocate and Personal CFO as your wealth grows.    



At Silberman Wealth Strategies, we’re a different type of wealth management firm.  Our clients look to us to help them pursue an amazing life of significance. Three primary principles drive our customized wealth management services:

  • Prioritize and protect those you hold dear; 
  • Contribute to causes close to your heart;
  • Leave a lasting impact on the world.

Our founder, Mitch Silberman, has over 30 years of financial services experience, initially as a CPA and wealth advisor. Mitch’s story is not your typical financial professional’s tale. 


From his days as a child actor, experiencing the highs of success and the lows of financial challenges, he learned the importance of a solid financial foundation. This personal journey ignited a passion in him: To guide others towards achieving their financial dreams. 


For three decades now, he’s been the trusted advisor who people entrust their life savings to, ensuring their wealth not only grows but is protected. Specializing in working with affluent individuals and families, Mitch creates strategic financial planning along with sophisticated endowment-style investing for his clients. 


He’s not just in it for the business; he’s in it for your personal success stories.  


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