The rise of virtual family office (VFO) solutions in Nashville is an exciting development sure to make a big difference for high-net-worth families and individuals.  This dynamic VFO concept allows us to work with the best experts available and provide an elite wealth management solution to help you make smart decisions about your wealth, mitigate your taxes, take care of heirs, protect your assets and magnify your charitable impact.  What’s amazing is that, because of technology and the people I work with, I can actually create this for people who have a few million dollars in the same way I would for people who have hundreds of millions.  

The VFO is a testament to how today’s digital age has amplified the need to automate further and consolidate individual wealth management services.  In a digital world, virtual family office services represent a shift in delivering comprehensive wealth management services.  

Elite wealth management isn’t just about planning and investing anymore – it’s about connecting each dollar to a life of purpose that has significant meaning to the investors. From tax minimization strategies to estate planning and endowment-style investing, Silberman Wealth Strategies’ virtual family office revolutionizes Nashville’s wealth management industry. 

As a Nashville wealth advisor, I’ve provided elite wealth management services to successful professionals, executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs for over 30 years. While some of these clients managed their money themselves until they reached a threshold that made their financial lives more complex and time-consuming, others felt the need to upgrade their wealth management experience and capabilities.  At a certain point, it makes more sense to rely on an experienced financial professional specializing in delivering family office-style planning and investment services.   

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What Is A Virtual Family Office Solution?

A Virtual Family Office (VFO) is an evolution of the traditional family office model optimized for the digital age. At its core, a VFO offers services similar to a traditional family office but uses a blend of technology and traditional services to help investors achieve all that is most important to them.

The goal is to provide you and your family with comprehensive and bespoke wealth management and advisory services either in person or virtually, all at your convenience and preference. 

If you’re an affluent investor considering a VFO solution, here are the top five services a VFO may provide:

  • Comprehensive financial planning is the heart of wealth management services.  A VFO provides a holistic financial planning service that covers everything from investment strategy, retirement planning, estate planning, and tax optimization to philanthropic giving strategies. The emphasis is on aligning your current realities with your long-term goals and values so you can pursue an amazing life of significance.  
  • Expect investment opportunities tailored to your risk tolerance and financial objectives. This should include traditional investments like stocks and bonds and alternative investments like private equity, and real estate, while using endowment-style investment principles. 
  • Most people are passionate about reducing taxes owed.  A VFO may be able to offer proactive tax strategies that minimize your tax liabilities. This might include solutions for tax deferral, income shifting, and other sophisticated methods that suit your specific situation and strategy.
  • Protecting your legacy may be of paramount importance. A highly qualified VFO may be able to offer experienced guidance in creating trusts, wills, and other instruments to ensure your assets are passed on to your heirs and beneficiaries in the most efficient and tax-advantaged manner possible.
  • A VFO acts as a quarterback for your team of advisors which may also include a CPA and estate planning attorney.  Whether you need advice from legal counsel, tax experts, or insurance professionals, your VFO can coordinate these services, ensuring that every aspect of your financial life experiences coordinated advice while avoiding conflicting advice and duplicate expenses. 

Silberman Insights: A VFO isn’t just about managing your wealth; it’s about crafting a strategy that aligns with your wealth with your aspiration of leaving a substantial legacy to future generations and causes you believe in.

Who Should Use Virtual Family Office Services?

A lot has changed over the years regarding managing substantial wealth and building a secure financial legacy. Enter virtual family office solutions. A virtual family office provides convenience and impact.

Who are good candidates for a VFO solution?  

  1. High-net-worth families who want tailored financial strategies without all the extra overhead that a traditional family office charges.
  2. Busy professionals who have accumulated significant wealth and don’t have time, or the expertise, to manage their assets.
  3. Entrepreneurs and business owners who’ve built successful businesses and need professional help preserving and increasing their wealth. 
  4. Independent women who have undergone significant financial change, whether due to divorce, the loss of a spouse, receiving an inheritance, or transitioning to retirement. A VFO can offer clear and personalized advice during these pivotal moments.

Silberman Insights: Virtual family office solutions are designed for those who want the benefits of a traditional family office without the brick-and-mortar constraints. The VFO is all about combining sophisticated wealth management with the flexibility and accessibility of today’s digital environment. If any of the above descriptions resonate with you or your family, diving deeper into what virtual family office solutions can offer is worth exploring – contact us today to set up your complimentary discovery meeting.

Why is Comprehensive Wealth Management More Important for Larger
Amounts of Assets?

Significant wealth isn’t just about money – it’s about shaping your legacy and living a life of amazing significance. It’s not just about accumulating or preserving your assets; it’s what you do with those assets that can benefit you and your family and how you support the causes you believe in.

While there are numerous aspects to comprehensive wealth management, here are five core components that your wealth management plan should include:

Financial Planning: This involves assessing your financial situation, understanding your short-term and long-term goals, and crafting a strategy to help you pursue them. It can also encompass retirement planning, tax planning, budgeting, and cash flow management, among other areas.

Investment Management: This is the art and science of creating a diversified investment portfolio tailored to your financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. It involves continuously monitoring and rebalancing the portfolio, adjusting as market conditions change and your needs evolve.

Estate Planning: This has four main components:  Trust; Will; Durable Power of Attorney, and Healthcare Directive. Estate planning also involves creating a plan to distribute your assets after you pass and should include a detailed accounting of how you want your assets distributed while maximizing the transfer of your wealth to your beneficiaries.  Ideally, your estate plan accounts for ways to minimize any potential estate taxes to which your heirs would be exposed. 

Risk Management and Insurance: This component focuses on preventing your wealth from being unjustly taken away from you and identifies potential risks derailing your financial security and goals while implementing strategies to minimize them.  This often involves recommending suitable insurance protections, such as life, disability, or long-term care, to protect against unexpected events.

Tax Planning: Given the significant impact of taxes on wealth, effective tax planning is an essential service. This involves strategies to minimize tax burdens over time so more assets stay in your estate.  Strategies include tax-efficient investing, tax deductions and credits, and income-splitting techniques.

Living a Life of Amazing Significance: The Real Benefit of Comprehensive Wealth Management

While some may measure success by the size of their investment and savings accounts, others measure it in the ways their assets’ have the ability to produce a life of amazing significance. It’s not about how much you have but how you utilize what you have to make a genuine impact on others.

At Silberman Wealth Strategies we can help you with important financial goals, such as supporting a local charity, funding a child or grandchild’s educational aspirations, or ensuring a legacy of financial security for future generations.

Choosing the right team to help you manage your financial future isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. If you’re seeking to work with a firm that recognizes your hard-earned accomplishments and offers unparalleled wealth management services tailored specifically to you, let’s schedule an introductory conversation.  Let’s connect.