Welcome to the new online home of Silberman Wealth Strategies! We’ve upgraded to bring you more curb appeal and convenience—with the same level of service we’ve always taken pride in delivering. 

We’re still us, meaning that we’re still out to help you provide for those you love, give generously to causes you care about, and make a real difference in the world. That’s why we’ve improved our digital meeting space. Please join us for a guided tour.

This article answers the following questions (and more):

  • What Has Improved?
  • What Has Stayed the Same?
  • Where Are the Resources Now?
  • Will This Affect Your Services?

What Has Improved?

Everything, from the colors to the layout, has been improved. I could go on about the renovation, but the important part is that you’re here: The fact that you’re reading this tells me that you’ve done a great job of saving for your future. 

As a result, you may be considering retirement and the next exciting stage of your life. In other words, you may be feeling some pressure about what to do with your savings. The good news is that we spend our days helping people remove that pressure. In fact, we can show you what to do with your savings and assets in a way that you can have absolute confidence in. 

You deserve to have someone you can trust with your life savings. Meanwhile, I’ve owned this firm for 29 years. What we’re known for is helping our clients create an amazing life of significance. 

The process begins with helping them see that what we do together is about so much more than money, but I digress. Keeping high standards for the concierge financial services we help deliver means never being content with mediocrity, anywhere. Just as you’ve come to expect prompt, friendly, and market-savvy wealth management, you should expect no less from us here.

By the way: Thank you for reading the first post on my brand-new-and-improved blog! I discuss it all a little more in-depth below, but we’re going to be sharing new videos, complimentary eBooks (to help you improve your financial literacy), and more over the months ahead.

What Has Stayed the Same?

Silberman Wealth Strategies launches new website

We’re as passionate as ever about delivering the “millionaire next door” everything you need to save, invest, and plan your financial future with confidence. Helping you work toward growth—while assisting in your protection of assets for a lasting legacy—is still our top priority. 

As President and CEO of Silberman Wealth Strategies, Inc, I’m still deeply committed to being your Personal CFO. That’s why we remain as choosy about our clients as you are about your wealth management: An independent, smaller-than-average client base of people we consider friends to grow with is our ideal. 

A few years ago, digital connectivity began leveling the playing field, eliminating the need for an intercontinental global firm’s resources. Now, more than ever, we can confidently collaborate with nationwide professionals to help meet your important financial needs under one roof. As your wealth advisor, I am committed to helping you pursue your dreams so you can live an amazing life of significance. 

Where Are the Resources Now?

Reading this, obviously, means that you’ve found my blog. Please feel free to bookmark it and check back for updates, but this is far from all that you can expect. For example, I have a new eBook for you here.

Key Concerns of Today's Affluent

Don’t expect Stephen-King rates of output, but there will be more of these in the future. With all of the economic, political, and social uncertainty in our world, helping grow your financial literacy is another aspect of our services that gets me up and going in the morning. Especially in today’s economy, it’s a necessity that grows by the day.

I’ll spare you the teach-a-man-to-fish cliché, but increasing your working knowledge of—and thinking habits in regard to—your money can have significant positive effects for generations, potentially. No one is guaranteed success, but much of the world’s mega-wealthy have internalized these fundamental building blocks. An informed and educated client is usually a happier and more successful client. 

Additionally, we will be adding videos and audio files from time to time, but we already have information on real estate, taxes, insurance, and more waiting at your fingertips. If it helps your journey toward greater financial independence, it belongs here (so please feel free to send us suggestions of topics you’d like covered). 

Will This Affect Your Services?

The short answer to the subheader above is “No; not in any negative way.” In fact, half the reason for this upgrade was so that our online interface would match the standards we hold ourselves to day to day around the office. We’re still stubbornly intent on delivering exceptional value in every way that we can—including digitally. 

From endowment-style investing to comprehensive wealth planning, tax strategies, and more, we’re here, playing the long game on your behalf. Enhancing our online facilities is another way of affirming our commitment to accessible, clear, and easy communication whenever you reach out.

Who Are We?

If you’re new here, please forgive me for not saying something sooner. Hi: I’m Mitch—and you’ve come to the official website of Silberman Wealth Strategies, Inc. 

As the name implies, wealth management is our specialty, but there are a lot of moving parts under that umbrella: Partnering with us means that my team and I become your Personal Chief Financial Officer (P-CFO), helping make solid plans toward financial goals, invest like a professional, save money on your taxes, and other things.

Additionally, we are fiduciaries. That means that we are committed to much more than just accountability. We are sworn to pursue the best financial interests of our clients, even if doing so were to cost us money of our own. Where some financial planners are accountable to FINRA (a financial industry professional organization), we are also accountable to the United States Securities & Exchange Commission.

We tailor financial strategies for pursuing growth and protecting the assets of the affluent. Unfortunately, even the financially independent need to pay close attention to the latter, now. Raging inflation means that having a million dollars in the bank tomorrow may not be enough to buy what it would today. 

Again, no one is promised success: It’s easy to believe when you have everything you need handy, that things will always stay that way. Conversely, having a comfortable lifestyle today is not enough to ensure, for example, an equally comfortable future. 

If you don’t plan, proactively, to protect your nest egg and then pursue that plan long-term, it is less likely to retain its size (much less grow). However, even during bear markets, it is possible to see gains on well-chosen investments. If this sounds good, contact us.

Grateful regards,

Mitchell Silberman
President & CEO
Silberman Wealth Strategies, Inc.
320 Seven Springs Way
Suite 250
Brentwood, TN 32027
(818) 991-2282

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Mitch Silberman

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With over 30 years of experience, using his investment expertise and analytic skills, Mitch has helped his clients pursue their dreams with confidence and financial security. He is the President and Founder of Silberman Wealth Strategies, Inc., which is a fee-based Registered Investment Advisor.