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To meaningfully and positively affect our Clients' lives by helping them pursue their dreams, knowing that their financial well-being is proactively managed by a caring team who has their best interests at heart.

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Silberman Wealth Strategies, Inc.

Silberman Wealth Strategies, Inc.

President & CEO

(818) 991-2282

Your Personal Chief Financial Officer (P-CFO)

At Silberman Wealth Strategies, our services are modeled from the responsibilities that a Chief Financial Officer has within a business. We believe that the business of your family’s finances benefits from having a Chief Financial Officer – a professional who truly understands you and your family, your needs and objectives, and knows you personally.  We call it a Personal Chief Financial Officer (P-CFO). We act as the P-CFO for a select group of successful individuals with the primary purpose of helping them preserve their prosperity and reach their individual goals.

Our focus is on serving families and individuals who have worked hard to earn the money they have accumulated, have a great desire to protect what they have, and are reaching toward long-term goals. We help protect our clients by identifying vulnerabilities that occur due to over-concentrations in specific investments,  business entities, styles or even asset classes. Often, families with wealth pay too much in taxes, and lack the time or expertise to solve these issues. As the P-CFO, our goal is to devote the time to solve issues while creating proactive solutions to the business of your wealth.

We find we are most helpful to clients who have investable assets of $2 million or more.  For those who aspire toward reaching this level of financial success, we welcome the opportunity to explore how we may be of service to you. 

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